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Chapter 2 - Key Steps to Deriving Value


IACAM has created an essential list illustrating the core concepts of public and private business valuation. These key principles can be found in the free, online-version of The Executive's Guide to Business Valuation. To view this free IACAM executive guide, please click the blue link above.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2, Key Steps to Deriving Value, from the Executive's Guide.

The  business  valuation  investigative  process  helps shed light on a variety of topics. Some likely interview questions include the following: 

  • What  are  some  growth  areas  in  the  years  ahead?  Are  there  any  new  product lines or services set for development?
  • How  does  the  company  plan  to  transfer  onto  the  next  generation?  Are  there potential successors who could shoulder the responsibilities?
  • What are the most significant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) facing the company? 
  • Are  the  largest  revenue  producers  of  the  company  properly  utilized  to maximize sales? 


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